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This is the most narcissistic bit of building a personal website, isn't it?


I'm a digital nomad, so since 2020 I've been living and working all over the world together with my partner (first in life and later also in business), Maryke. The flags at the top are of the countries that I've lived and worked in - also pre-2020, and not counting South Africa, where I lived the first 40 years of my life.

Name: Nick Bezuidenhout

Age: Born 26 September 1967 (You do the math - this way I don't have to update it every year). Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, Olivia Newton-John, and George Gershwin share their birthdays with me.

Star sign: Skeptico

Birthplace: Die Ou Moedersbond, Pretoria, South Africa

Nationalities: South African (by birth and by self-identification) and British (by naturalisation)

Languages: Afrikaans, English, German (basic), Spanish (basic and improving), Dutch (basic), and able to order beer in several more.

Career: That's what LinkedIn is for.

Intersectional socio-economic status: Privileged AF


​Toilet paper position: Away from the wall

Blood type: O+

Ideological leaning: Pragmatic libertarian

Favourite sport to watch: Rugby, especially when the Springboks are playing

Favourite sport to do: Running. If it's not on Garmin, it didn't happen. Marathon PB of 4:19, set in 2010, age 42. Those were the days.

Go-to karaoke song: House of the Rising Sun

Top 5 movies (in no particular order)

  • Pulp Fiction

  • Withnail and I

  • The Big Lebowski

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

  • The Blues Brothers

Top 5 music videos

  • Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits

  • Baby's on Fire - Die Antwoord

  • Ohne Dich - Rammstein

  • Into my Arms - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

  • Thunderstruck (live performance) - AC/DC

Top 5 songs

  • Eclipse - Pink Floyd

  • Bright Eyes - Art Garfunkel

  • Bat out of Hell - Meat Loaf

  • Sit Dit Af - Die Gereformeerde Blues Band

  • Hotel California - The Eagles

Top 5 LPs

  • Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

  • Murder Ballads - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

  • Small Change - Tom Waits

  • Terug in Skubbe - Brixton Moord & Roof Orkes

  • Bat out of Hell - Meat Loaf

Top 5 sitcom series

  • The Simpsons

  • Men Behaving Badly

  • The Black Adder

  • Fawlty Towers

  • The League of Gentlemen

For my top books, see this blog post.

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